activists, brands, darwinism

A wide range of contexts today:

Serious stuff first: an interesting article from India where young women get ‘save girl child’ tattoos during Narvatri festival. Another kind of activism and tattoos in a good light in an American article about ‘tattooed pet rescuers’ who are getting featured in a new National Geographic TV show.

On a less positive, and quite sad, note: ‘tattooist with moko banned from bar;’ to make it even more interesting it happened in New Zealand!

People and their passions in ‘head to toe Disney tattoos,’ ‘tattoos tout passions’ and ‘Fallen Earth fan gets tattoo [although he] hasn’t played the game yet.’ ‘What do you think of designer tattoos’ and ‘free brand tattoos’ seem to fit the same category as some of us are quite passionate when it comes to their favorite products and manufacturers.

The industry in ‘6 things about tattooing’ and a nicely gender-bended one in ‘girl’ broke into the boys’ club.’

Some of these ‘9 Charles Darwin tattoos’ reminded me of a t-shirt I saw in Oslo – after homo sapiens sapiens there was homo sapiens suspensus (sorry for mangling Latin but it was hard to resist! Feel free to correct me!)