old and modern

I really enjoy reading about body modification from an anthropological perspective; maybe because it adds more depth to my own interest or maybe because it shows time and again that there are so many of us, in different places and times. This time two treats for my anthropology category: ‘art as armor: Cambodian soldiers’ beliefs’ and ‘Beauty and Bloodfaces’ about Myanmar women and their tattoos.

A few articles with tips and advice: ‘what to look for when choosing the right tattoo shop and tattoo artist,’ ‘first steps to getting tattoo’ and ‘ear piercing fashion statements’ (the last one discusses the subject very superficially, though!)

There are many reasons behind our modifications; here’s a sort of outline of a few of them: ‘ink-ing out self-expression’ and ‘do you tattoo?

I remember reading ‘Tattoo Theo’ where there was mentioned a wonderful (and secret) potion used to remove tattoos; allegedly it was very effective. Times changed and yet there are still ‘magic potions’ available: ‘Wrecking Balm tattoo remover.’

Tattoos and social acceptance? Not that simple: ‘students becoming more accepting of tattoos,’ ‘police sensitivity training: don’t judge a person by looks,’ and ‘Facebook’s tattoo crowd in a snit.’

Finally, ‘digital tattoos’ (good point!) and ‘what are the Twitter users sharing?