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celeb’s pleads and other stuff

Kelly-Osbournerelated online uproar made me think how it’s always about future regrets and actually never about what a great feeling it may be to re-create one’s own body.

Events: Hell City Tattoo Festival on Phoenix, AZ this weekend but something even more interesting was scheduled for yesterday in Germany: ‘evening with Herbert Hoffmann.’

Interesting news from Edmonton, Canada where local tattoo artists form an association ‘to provide public information and industry education.’

Something obvious and yet important in ‘the tattoo process plus a few things to consider’ and a scary piece of news for those careless ones out there: ‘woman’s fury after tattoo goes septic.’

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3 responses to “celeb’s pleads and other stuff

  1. bastian

    There’s an exhibition called “Unter die Haut – Tattoo und Piercing im Porträt” going on at the Museum für Kommunikation in Hamburg (that the Herbert Hoffmann appearance was a part of) wich you surely would find very interesting. Unfortunately, it ends tomorrow – so hurry 🙂

  2. aniareads ⋅

    yes, I know; I think I posted a link about it weeks ago or so;

    cool idea, eh?

  3. steph

    Always the random and the obscure 🙂

    Anyway Ania dearest you’ll be happy to know that friends of mine dragged me out of the house to go to the convention here in Montreal and I was shameless in my grabbing convention swag and tried to get extra shop stickers/goodies for your tattoo artist as well.

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