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Just a few days ago I’ve read an interesting post on burkas on Shannon Larratt’s blog and here this topic appears in the news from Netherlands – the proposal can also affect visibly modified people (Dutch, German).

Law: I’ve already posted a link about the NE law allowing people with fresh tattoos coming from licensed shops to donate blood; now it seems possible also in NJ.

Culture and body modification in ‘the return of men’s earrings,’ ‘men and nose pins: sexy or girly?’ (it’s more interesting when you know that the article comes from India where nose piercing is rather a women thing) and an interesting one about a Jewish girl and her ‘get a tattoo or not’ dilemma.

London Tattoo Convention is over but there’s a chance of its landing in Guinness World Record Book.

The article ‘scene kids hold false sense of individuality’ makes a pretty good point although, I think, most of these who belong to/ identify with any ‘scene’ are aware of that and their look is not as much about being individual as about showing others who they feel or want to be (and thus creating some sort of community) and setting themselves apart from the mainstream society.

reading about reading

International London Tattoo Convention this weekend, so here’s a couple pictures and an article on the subject. In a similar but a little more exotic vein, a short one about 2009 Dutdutan Tattoo Expo in Phillipines.

Teachers and tattoos as seen from two perspectives: ‘classroom ink’ and ‘it’s only a distraction.’ Another one going for the distraction stand in ‘body art or simply a distraction?

A reader’s letter expressing a neat thought: ‘the ‘elderly’ want to have tattoos, too!

I liked this one: ‘being outsold by a book on tattoos.’ Since this guy’s attitude seems so serious that it’s funny and since I bought (and read/flipped through) the Mammoth Book of Tattoos as a gift for my artist after my final sleeve session, I’m all for the Mammoth book sales going strong 😉

As an avid reader I liked this one, too: ‘ten of the best tattoos in literature’ but there are some other ranking-like articles on the subject, too: ’10 tattoos that’ll get you nowhere with women’ and ‘the hottest women with ink.’

Something in German for dessert: an article about Olli Lonien who became quite well-known thanks to a German answer to ‘Miami Ink’ and the like, ‘Eine Familie sticht zu.’

actions, bodies and semicolons

A few articles more on ‘save girl child tattoos’ in India. Also from India is an article about a boom for ‘traditional’ body piercings in an Indian city called Chennai.

Another activist is from Australia: ‘Mum fights to change piercing law.’

Also law-related is an article from CA: ‘with body art, safety is a must’ (and again ‘standard lobe piercing’ done by unhygienic guns in unsterile conditions are exempted!).

Fashion and body modification again in ‘pierced fashion models.’

A new addition to ‘indirectly related’: ‘bodies of Lara Croft and Rubi Malone.’

Tattoo industry in identity crisis? A few good questions raised in this one.

And a couple of quite interesting links: ‘black Mount Rushmore,’ ’15 punctuation tattoos,’ ‘name tattoos’ from a little rougher perspective.

activists, brands, darwinism

A wide range of contexts today:

Serious stuff first: an interesting article from India where young women get ‘save girl child’ tattoos during Narvatri festival. Another kind of activism and tattoos in a good light in an American article about ‘tattooed pet rescuers’ who are getting featured in a new National Geographic TV show.

On a less positive, and quite sad, note: ‘tattooist with moko banned from bar;’ to make it even more interesting it happened in New Zealand!

People and their passions in ‘head to toe Disney tattoos,’ ‘tattoos tout passions’ and ‘Fallen Earth fan gets tattoo [although he] hasn’t played the game yet.’ ‘What do you think of designer tattoos’ and ‘free brand tattoos’ seem to fit the same category as some of us are quite passionate when it comes to their favorite products and manufacturers.

The industry in ‘6 things about tattooing’ and a nicely gender-bended one in ‘girl’ broke into the boys’ club.’

Some of these ‘9 Charles Darwin tattoos’ reminded me of a t-shirt I saw in Oslo – after homo sapiens sapiens there was homo sapiens suspensus (sorry for mangling Latin but it was hard to resist! Feel free to correct me!)

and back again

So I’m back online and with a few links to post:

Bastian was great (as usual!) and sent me interesting links in German: about teenage girls and their modifications (plus a book review on the subject); in a somewhat similar vein an article about stress and body modifications (another one).

Tattoos and classism in ‘Beyond the tramp stamp’ – I found it quite interesting.

A bunch of others: a Belgian short article about genital piercings, German ones about tennis tattoos and a question of the Jews and tattoos, an American one about ‘tattoo parlor trading ink for ministry [at times]’ and some info on fast approaching London Tattoo Convention.

A sort of dessert: fashion show with tattoos as one of the main accessories: Rodarte Spring/Summer 2010 (pictures).

gadgets, books and pointless rankings

Tattoos-related accessories seem to be omnipresent these days: Ed Hardy cell phone and there’s also HTC Tattoo now, too; not to mention new items carried by Wildcat.

A bit more highbrow stuff in ‘Black Tattoo Art: Modern Expressions of the Tribal’ (looks like a very interesting book by a lawyer and tattoo aficionado at and an article about ‘Messages in Flesh’ exhibit in CA.

Law-related: ‘California bill would tighten rules on tattoos, piercing.’

Wrongest tattoo ever?’ and ’25 ugly food tattoos’ – not overly sophisticated but, obviously, some people out there love lists and rankings.

old and modern

I really enjoy reading about body modification from an anthropological perspective; maybe because it adds more depth to my own interest or maybe because it shows time and again that there are so many of us, in different places and times. This time two treats for my anthropology category: ‘art as armor: Cambodian soldiers’ beliefs’ and ‘Beauty and Bloodfaces’ about Myanmar women and their tattoos.

A few articles with tips and advice: ‘what to look for when choosing the right tattoo shop and tattoo artist,’ ‘first steps to getting tattoo’ and ‘ear piercing fashion statements’ (the last one discusses the subject very superficially, though!)

There are many reasons behind our modifications; here’s a sort of outline of a few of them: ‘ink-ing out self-expression’ and ‘do you tattoo?

I remember reading ‘Tattoo Theo’ where there was mentioned a wonderful (and secret) potion used to remove tattoos; allegedly it was very effective. Times changed and yet there are still ‘magic potions’ available: ‘Wrecking Balm tattoo remover.’

Tattoos and social acceptance? Not that simple: ‘students becoming more accepting of tattoos,’ ‘police sensitivity training: don’t judge a person by looks,’ and ‘Facebook’s tattoo crowd in a snit.’

Finally, ‘digital tattoos’ (good point!) and ‘what are the Twitter users sharing?

celeb’s pleads and other stuff

Kelly-Osbournerelated online uproar made me think how it’s always about future regrets and actually never about what a great feeling it may be to re-create one’s own body.

Events: Hell City Tattoo Festival on Phoenix, AZ this weekend but something even more interesting was scheduled for yesterday in Germany: ‘evening with Herbert Hoffmann.’

Interesting news from Edmonton, Canada where local tattoo artists form an association ‘to provide public information and industry education.’

Something obvious and yet important in ‘the tattoo process plus a few things to consider’ and a scary piece of news for those careless ones out there: ‘woman’s fury after tattoo goes septic.’

events and an unusual idea

Events: tattoo festival in TX featuring body piercing, tattoos and suspensions and a nice slide show of mods and people from CA.

Tattoos with deeper meaning in ‘memorial tattoos recognize the loved ones’ and the opposite point of view in ‘campus seems rife with meaningless tattoos.’

Finnish MMA pro and the uproar his tattoos caused: ‘M-1 fighter has a swastika tattoo’ (and more).

Local ‘scenes’ are always interesting; here’s an article about the tattoo scene in an Indian city of Chennai.

Quite unusual but not offensive: ‘food tattoos’ in a different take.