extremes and tips

A few pretty cool articles in German today; let’s start with these filled with amazement at people’s ideas ones: ‘extreme body cult’ and another one on the subject describe such *in*famous modified people as the Lizardman, the Stalking Cat and the so-called Zombie Boy (although I prefer ‘the skull boy’ monicker). Interestingly enough, whenever German journalists come to describe extreme body modifications, they always seem to use Shannon Larratt’s eyeball tattooing video.

Tattoos may be too extreme for work, too: ‘Dallas police employees will have to cover tattoos’ and ‘naked skin at the office’ about what’s proper and what’s not in the hot weather.

A handful of tips: ‘getting tattooed: tips for a great experience,’ ‘5 tips for finding the right tattoo artist’ (obviously, it’s better to avoid a toothbrush tattoo artist!) and ‘dangerous myths about body piercing care.’