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more hooks and disregard for aging

The idea of suspension again in a picture from a tattoo convention and a German article ‘skin on hooks.’

Nazi tattoos in German court.

A new TV series ‘Marked’ is going to be about ‘tattoos and modern-day ‘tribes.’

Two new examples that it’s never too late to get tattooed: tat chat from OH and ‘mid-life crisis down in ink’ from Australia.

My body belongs to me’ is from Switzerland; kind of shame that only teenagers were interviewed for this one as this way it’s so easy to play the ‘future regrets’ card.

Not a fan of bacon myself but obviously for some ppl it means a lot: one bacon tattoo with a background story and some more of ‘bodacious bacon body art.’

Finally, a nice example of how the ‘outcasts’ can set a good example and help those in need: ‘teddy bear tat to help victims.’

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