hooks, pirates and sparkles

Subject of body suspension hit the online media again in a short comment on a picture of a tattoo artist named Jorge Castro and a longer article ‘learning to fly: hook suspension.’

Two more articles reporting that body modification industry is still booming despite economic decline everywhere else: the USA, the Netherlands.

Pirate theme in ‘Rollo Banks: tattoo artist or pirate?’ and ‘Pirate Bay tattoos saved by logo change.’

Rankings: ’America’s most talented tattoo artists’ and ’20 best hip hop and rapper tattoos of all time.’

Interesting: ‘Ink and stay’ offer at one of LA hotels, ‘smallest tattoo of a painting by Wingnut’ and ‘lucky’ tattooed fish in China.

Almost forgot about this one but since it’s kind or related to body and they way it may change, then why not? ‘Is it hip to be round?’ – potbellies as a last fashion rend?

To end on a soemwhat satirical note: ‘screwed, booed and tattooed: the sparkly deline of tattoo art’ and ‘blanking out all celeb tattoos.’