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one thing, different background

A few pieces of advice in ‘how to care for a new tattoo’ and ‘curing infected body piercings’ and some reassurance in an article informing that ‘FDA [is going to] probe tattoo inks.’

A German article about body modification not only mentions quite reputable a shop Visavajara but also discusses a few quite interesting and on the verge of extreme body modifications and does that with quite interesting and amusing sense of wonder.

Another German one discusses ‘regular’ and ‘bio-tattoos’ and possible legal consequences if ‘bio-tattoos’ won’t disappear in their due time.

One of Taiwan’s indigenous tribes and their facial tattooing tradition in an article about Seediq people.

A bunch of interesting ones featuring some cool people: ‘tattoo artist helping cancer patients feel positive,’ ‘tattooist and graffiti writer from NY’ and ‘it’s never too late to get inked’ (amen to this one?).

Geeks and tattoos go well together and here’s some proofs: ‘slightly disturbing music tattoo’ and ‘iPhone’s Tattoo Mania.’

This very neat picture, apparently used in a political campaign, I just got from the guy who’s a trusty and loyal contributor to my little blog; as always, big thanks!

political campaign

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One response to “one thing, different background

  1. bastian

    It really is used in a campaign – see here on the candidate’s homepage!
    It’s not a real tattoo, though… And thanks!

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