tan and pray

With a recent wave of anti-tanning in Europe and Australia here we can read about an alleged new trend in the US: “sun[-made] tattoos.” As usually, it’s the German sites that inform us about a risky behavior. Others take it lighter, though, and even sell bikini that can give you a ‘tan tattoo.’ For a good measure, here’s an ad-like article about tattoo protection in summer.

In NV ‘state is looking into procedures of dermal anchors.’

An article featuring a tattoo artist Alan Padilla drew my attention not only because it’s about tattoos but also his hobby.

Much has been already said (and even more will be, I guess) about women tattoo artists’ position in the industry; here’s another one in this vein: ‘tattoos: a boys’ club?’ which doesn’t add anything new to the subject but nicely gives some hope for the future.

Jazz and tattoos don’t seem to be closely related and yet it’s possible: ‘amazing jazz tattoos.’

Sth light: “Seattle’s top five barista tattoos,’ ice cream tattoo in ‘what flavor is your tattoo?’  and “St. Theresa the Tatted” if you’d like to pray for some mod money or better healing of a new piercing.