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events, itches and fake moustaches

A few events for starters: ‘multicultural celebration’ event in Australia, ‘triathlon of awesome’ in OH and launching a special edition of phone with stuff by Mister Cartoon.

Body piercing-related stuff strikes yet again in ‘corset piercing’, ‘body piercing itch’ (aftercare tips’ and something I named ‘body piercing from a scary medical perspective.’

Tattoos: Green Day and their tattooed past, ‘tattooed librarians‘ and an interesting guy from India who wants to set a world record with flag tattoos.

And tattoos again in a slightly different light: ‘book of Isaiah refers to tattoo’ (it’s cool, really!) and a reader’s opinion in ‘Don’t judge people on if they have a tattoo or.’

Speaking of judging, ‘tattooed gangster forced to look like tom Selleck’ (here with pictures) to make a better impression in court! Maybe he should use Kat Von D’s tattoo concealer instead, though, as her promo stuff looks pretty convincing!

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