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Dress code and police officers seem to go hand in hand again as there’s a ban on visible tattoos in the police force considered now in PA and TX.

Maybe it’s a good timing for a new product by Kat Von D who is about to launch her tattoo concealer.

Another perspective on body art in an article from NV where ‘upscale tattoo parlors increase respectability of body art.’ Maybe someone should say that to the PA and TX police bosses.

Since I like articles about body art and scene around the world here’s an article about growing popularity of tattoos in Armenia and two interviews with tattoo artists from Indonesia and MI, USA.

New book about tattoos and tattoo shop life: confessions of a tattoo artist penned by Jeff Johnson.

‘Try walking in my shoes’ makes for an interesting experience – a German article about a painter and a tattoo artist switching places for a while.

Shawn Barber’s new show.

And something for indirectly related: using body art (as in body painting) to become invisible.

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