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Oetzi the Iceman deserves to be mentioned over and over again, so here’s another opportunity as scientists took to analyze the contents of the ink his tattoos were made from (English, German).

Modern tattoo artists from SD and Manila, Philippines.

It’s getting old to repeat how important it is to choose a good shop and a great artist but journalists still bother; this one, at least, is more interesting and unusual for a change.

Speaking of unusual, such is, certainly, a piece of news from Sweden where ‘Swedish man [was] attacked by tattooed girl gang.’

Ballet: the art of suffering’ is for the ‘indirectly related’ as it does deal with modifying one’s body to a degree; it applies to all kinds of physical activity  and, in my book, nothing beats a modified and fit body, so here’s a cool picture of a triathlete.

No updates for a while as I’m going to Hungary to get sliced by my fav scartist.

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