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4-letter-words and more

Articles from Europe first: ‘tattoos and piercings are trendy’ from Austria and a ‘promise’ to strengthen regulation in Belgium (‘star girl’ still haunting the place).

An interesting piece of news from a small NJ town where ‘they’ said ‘no’ to body piercing establishments and tattoo parlors;’ it’s interesting, however, that it’s still OK’d there to get pierced ‘in jewelry stores performing hygienic ear piercing.’

Another interesting one, although on a slightly morbid note, is from Iraq: ‘fewer tattoos as identity marks.’

I think there’s some connection between weak economy and high unemployment rate in the US now and journalists exploiting the subject of tattoos and job market; here two articles: ‘Ink at the office’ and ‘Ink in the Inc.’

I seldom swear but those who do it more often may find it helpful: ‘swearing can ease physical pain.’

I always remember, however, to use sunblock to protect my tattoos; a small reminder for others here: ‘saving tattoos from the summer sun.’

Two ‘indirectly related’ interviews that present interesting views on tattoos: interview with Margaret Cho and another one with a young writer from Italy.

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