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law, fads and TV glitter

Iowa tattoo artists face new regulations (more); it’s interesting, however, that these new rules don’t apply to body piercers!

Speaking of body piercing, here we have another Europe-based scandal: Swedish ‘outrage over 14-yr-old’s nipple piercing’ (another in Dutch).

No need to say that you should be ‘smart about body art’ then?

Body modification in a more positive light in ‘body modification can improve sex’ and a TV teaser in ‘art therapy: tattoos.’

Pop culture has its own fads and idols as we can see looking through these two galleries: ‘Twilight tattoo gallery of fail’ and ‘Michael Jackson tattoo gallery.’

After pierced kittens, tattooed pets and tattooed fish, time for other pierced pets: an article from Russian about a recent local trend over there.

An article from TX about a ‘man stiffing tattoo parlor for religious ink;’ I’m not gonna judge him as only God can do that 😉

Three articles related to mods and TV: one about ‘LA Ink turning for worse,’ another about the original Miami Ink shop being closed and the one I liked best: ‘one man’s brief stint in the spotlight.’

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