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ups, downs and books

My memories of Missouri consist only of a bus station in Joplin at night and realizing that one of the two existing Kansas Cities is located in MO but there must be a lot more about this state, isn’t there? Mod-related, too: ‘hundreds of tattoo shops call Missouri home’  (more). Way less upbeat is an article from MI: ‘Metro Detroit tattoo studios adapt to beleaguered economy.’

An interesting piece of news from NE: ‘tattoo is no bar to donors;’ apparently in NE you can get tattooed and donate blood almost right after.

News from TX is slightly different but quite cool: ‘Texan lady librarians show off their tattoos’ in a calendar fundraiser!

Book-related: an article about ‘Missing Ink,’ a novel set up in a Vegas tattoo parlor; wonder if it’s gonna be interesting and good.

Nascar tattoo=Redneck?’ is pretty interesting and kind of discusses stereotypes not only about tattoos but also Nascar fans.

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