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hooks for a good cause

Suspensions appear in the news pretty rarely and it’s even rarer if there’s no ‘shock value’ in it, so let’s start with two articles about the same suspension: ‘Boutique hosts body-piercing shark protest’ (and ‘Paris boutique hosts body-piercing shark protest’).

Indirectly-and-art-related: a live exhibition ‘Muscular Body as Living Art’ (poses a few interesting questions!) in FL and ‘Permanent Art: Tattooed Artists’ exhibit in Canada.

Some tattoos are very simple and yet very impressive, so check out this one: ‘Let the stars and the ink guide you’.

A way less pleasant thing is minors getting modified and, quite often, ending regretting their decisions later on; it’s also illegal. Sad news of this sort from IL: ‘when tattoos are a crime.’

Another example of tattoos going mainstream way more than some of us would want: ‘food court, movies and … tattoos’ about a tattoo shop chain and people’s reactions to the idea.

I know I’ve already ‘played’ the Jackson tribute card but this one, even if replaying the main thing, also adds some more about tribute tattoos in general, so I didn’t find it too bad of a read.

An international touch this time in a form of ’10 worst…’ in the German ‘worst celeb tattoos’ and the Belgian ‘WTF tattoos.’

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3 responses to “hooks for a good cause

  1. bastian

    I really liked how the media played the “hang from hooks for a good cause” theme. All it takes is one agency guy to make all that difference (they all used material from AFP).

  2. aniareads ⋅

    all it takes is also a bunch of ppl in the industry to start doing good things and thus changing the bad image over time – it’s pretty noticeable in the local newspapers where the piercers or tattoo artists get involved in the community affairs and do it one step at a time. You don’t need to get Rihanna tattoo you to make ppl respect you or give you their business 😉

    kind of think we’ll hear about Alice again, though 🙂

  3. bastian

    I sincerely hope so – she’s a handful 😉

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