Dress code and police officers seem to go hand in hand again as there’s a ban on visible tattoos in the police force considered now in PA and TX.

Maybe it’s a good timing for a new product by Kat Von D who is about to launch her tattoo concealer.

Another perspective on body art in an article from NV where ‘upscale tattoo parlors increase respectability of body art.’ Maybe someone should say that to the PA and TX police bosses.

Since I like articles about body art and scene around the world here’s an article about growing popularity of tattoos in Armenia and two interviews with tattoo artists from Indonesia and MI, USA.

New book about tattoos and tattoo shop life: confessions of a tattoo artist penned by Jeff Johnson.

‘Try walking in my shoes’ makes for an interesting experience – a German article about a painter and a tattoo artist switching places for a while.

Shawn Barber’s new show.

And something for indirectly related: using body art (as in body painting) to become invisible.

back to blogging

So I’m back with many cool memories and a brand new forked tongue (I’ll post a sort of experience about it on here later when I know how the healing goes to make it more informative!); still plowing through lots of links to read and sort but here’s a small update from the last week:

news from MA: new state bill on body piercing?

Local shops: ‘Albuquerque’s Ink Tank’ from NM and ‘Liberty Tattoo’ from IL; also an interesting article about possible shops in a small CA town where they have a limit on number of shops allowed in town: Vista.

An article about tattoos in South Korea brings in a few interesting things on the subject.

From MD an article about an interesting intiative: ‘dermatologists educate body workers and tattoo artists.’

Something lighter in German for good measure: ‘tattoo quiz


Oetzi the Iceman deserves to be mentioned over and over again, so here’s another opportunity as scientists took to analyze the contents of the ink his tattoos were made from (English, German).

Modern tattoo artists from SD and Manila, Philippines.

It’s getting old to repeat how important it is to choose a good shop and a great artist but journalists still bother; this one, at least, is more interesting and unusual for a change.

Speaking of unusual, such is, certainly, a piece of news from Sweden where ‘Swedish man [was] attacked by tattooed girl gang.’

Ballet: the art of suffering’ is for the ‘indirectly related’ as it does deal with modifying one’s body to a degree; it applies to all kinds of physical activity  and, in my book, nothing beats a modified and fit body, so here’s a cool picture of a triathlete.

No updates for a while as I’m going to Hungary to get sliced by my fav scartist.

4-letter-words and more

Articles from Europe first: ‘tattoos and piercings are trendy’ from Austria and a ‘promise’ to strengthen regulation in Belgium (‘star girl’ still haunting the place).

An interesting piece of news from a small NJ town where ‘they’ said ‘no’ to body piercing establishments and tattoo parlors;’ it’s interesting, however, that it’s still OK’d there to get pierced ‘in jewelry stores performing hygienic ear piercing.’

Another interesting one, although on a slightly morbid note, is from Iraq: ‘fewer tattoos as identity marks.’

I think there’s some connection between weak economy and high unemployment rate in the US now and journalists exploiting the subject of tattoos and job market; here two articles: ‘Ink at the office’ and ‘Ink in the Inc.’

I seldom swear but those who do it more often may find it helpful: ‘swearing can ease physical pain.’

I always remember, however, to use sunblock to protect my tattoos; a small reminder for others here: ‘saving tattoos from the summer sun.’

Two ‘indirectly related’ interviews that present interesting views on tattoos: interview with Margaret Cho and another one with a young writer from Italy.

check once and twice and thrice

A wave of inspections: Switzerland recently and soon in Illinois.

It’s been not that long ago when most doctors had no idea how to deal with piercings in/on their patients. Seeing articles like ‘what massage therapists should know about boidy piercings’ gives hope that things are changing.

Another one about health/risks is ‘nickel allergies: body ad ear piercing.’

Interesting news from ‘down under’: growing popularity of tattoos in New Zealand despite tough economy and ‘tattoo tourism’ leading to the Kiwi land.

And here’s another one showing yet again how the times keep changing: Friday Jones and her idea of tattoo couture.

Indirectly-related because I found it interesting: rationalist movement in India exposes tricks of the ‘holy men.’

(un)cool mods

Some opinions about the recent changes in tattoo regulations in IA; an odd coincidence in IA, too: ‘web tongue piercing lands teen in hospital.’

A German one from Switzerland shows growing popularity of tattoos there while an American article tries to help with ‘tattoo funding’ during the recession.

War-related in ‘tattooing Gitmo troops’ and ‘tattoos not a badge of honor for Iraqis.’

Scribble tattoos are refreshing change’ about an interesting trend in tattooing.

I almost forgot to include this one in today’s update and it’s quite cool – two ways of tattoo apprenticeship and an interesting shop.

law, fads and TV glitter

Iowa tattoo artists face new regulations (more); it’s interesting, however, that these new rules don’t apply to body piercers!

Speaking of body piercing, here we have another Europe-based scandal: Swedish ‘outrage over 14-yr-old’s nipple piercing’ (another in Dutch).

No need to say that you should be ‘smart about body art’ then?

Body modification in a more positive light in ‘body modification can improve sex’ and a TV teaser in ‘art therapy: tattoos.’

Pop culture has its own fads and idols as we can see looking through these two galleries: ‘Twilight tattoo gallery of fail’ and ‘Michael Jackson tattoo gallery.’

After pierced kittens, tattooed pets and tattooed fish, time for other pierced pets: an article from Russian about a recent local trend over there.

An article from TX about a ‘man stiffing tattoo parlor for religious ink;’ I’m not gonna judge him as only God can do that 😉

Three articles related to mods and TV: one about ‘LA Ink turning for worse,’ another about the original Miami Ink shop being closed and the one I liked best: ‘one man’s brief stint in the spotlight.’

ups, downs and books

My memories of Missouri consist only of a bus station in Joplin at night and realizing that one of the two existing Kansas Cities is located in MO but there must be a lot more about this state, isn’t there? Mod-related, too: ‘hundreds of tattoo shops call Missouri home’  (more). Way less upbeat is an article from MI: ‘Metro Detroit tattoo studios adapt to beleaguered economy.’

An interesting piece of news from NE: ‘tattoo is no bar to donors;’ apparently in NE you can get tattooed and donate blood almost right after.

News from TX is slightly different but quite cool: ‘Texan lady librarians show off their tattoos’ in a calendar fundraiser!

Book-related: an article about ‘Missing Ink,’ a novel set up in a Vegas tattoo parlor; wonder if it’s gonna be interesting and good.

Nascar tattoo=Redneck?’ is pretty interesting and kind of discusses stereotypes not only about tattoos but also Nascar fans.

hooks for a good cause

Suspensions appear in the news pretty rarely and it’s even rarer if there’s no ‘shock value’ in it, so let’s start with two articles about the same suspension: ‘Boutique hosts body-piercing shark protest’ (and ‘Paris boutique hosts body-piercing shark protest’).

Indirectly-and-art-related: a live exhibition ‘Muscular Body as Living Art’ (poses a few interesting questions!) in FL and ‘Permanent Art: Tattooed Artists’ exhibit in Canada.

Some tattoos are very simple and yet very impressive, so check out this one: ‘Let the stars and the ink guide you’.

A way less pleasant thing is minors getting modified and, quite often, ending regretting their decisions later on; it’s also illegal. Sad news of this sort from IL: ‘when tattoos are a crime.’

Another example of tattoos going mainstream way more than some of us would want: ‘food court, movies and … tattoos’ about a tattoo shop chain and people’s reactions to the idea.

I know I’ve already ‘played’ the Jackson tribute card but this one, even if replaying the main thing, also adds some more about tribute tattoos in general, so I didn’t find it too bad of a read.

An international touch this time in a form of ’10 worst…’ in the German ‘worst celeb tattoos’ and the Belgian ‘WTF tattoos.’

a little highbrow and some no-brainers

Two both interesting and funny articles about ‘bagelheads’ (a.k.a people going for saline solution injections); the second one is better and mentions Modcon book by Shannon Larratt.

Speaking of unusual body alterations, here’s an interesting article about Orlan and her ‘carnal art’: ‘Orlan’s art of sex and surgery.’

Let’s balance this serious stuff with some no-brainers, shall we? Cuz body mods have many different faces;)

Rihanna becomes impromptu tattoo artist’ only to ‘be investigated for illegal tattooing’!

More tattooed celebs in ‘Hollywood Ink: 10 hottest tattooed babes’ and a slightly better one called ‘tattoo heaven’ (the picture captions are pretty funny).

This one made me wonder where will they draw the line? Another way to use popularity of body art in “I Do Tattoo, the wedding industry’s answer to something blue.’