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thinking doesn’t hurt or so they say

An Australian article ‘think twice about tattoos, body piercings’ certainly is a case of net hiccup after the whole ‘star girl’ thing; and so is another Australian text, ‘Aussies reveal tattoo horror stories.’ Learn, people, learn! 😛

As much I’d love to quit the ‘star girl’ for good, this one I can’t leave alone: fragments of the interview with Rouslan Toumaniantz; and even though he doesn’t say anything new or mindblowing in this one, I love the human side he’s showing here!

Which nicely leads me to this UT ‘indirectly related’ article about bikers that are ‘just regular guys’ despite their tough image. Amen, eh? Another one fitting here is also this NC article about a local artist featuring not only his profession but also his passions outside of tattooing. So no matter how scary or weird people look, there’s always something both interesting and familiar about them!

Sometimes the ‘normal’ ones come up with strange ideas, too: an interesting case of a high school newspaper and principal’s reaction to it from CA.

I think we all knew it was coming and so here it is: Michael Jackson tribute tattoos.

The last interesting one for today is an interview with a Native American who made it to ‘Tattoo Highway’ show.

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