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ha! English only!

There’s a nice load of interesting links to post tonight:

Shops: ‘Parlor makes mark on the road’ from CO reminds of ‘Tattoo Highway’ but it’s not being made into a reality TV; ‘first tattoo parlor coming to Aiken county’ from SC shows the legal side of the enterprise (and it’s not easy over there!) and finally something from GA where ‘local tattoo artists welcome regulations, aim to clean up industry’s image.’

Quite important news from TX where it was decided that ‘defendant’s tattoos could be used as evidence.’

Women get tattoos as statement’ claims this short OH article and who knows, maybe there’s something to it?

I think I’ve already linked to this but a small, reassuring reminder won’t hurt: ‘tattoos do not lead to skin cancer, several studies show.’

Nor do they lead to eternal damnation and burning in hell, hopefully, so here’s an interesting article about ‘religion and tattoos.’

A local tattoo parlor in IL is about to open a tattoo museum; sounds like an interesting and cool idea!

An interesting ‘indirectly related’ one is an interview with a corset maker; corsetry is considered a form of body modification and Fakir Musafar actually practices/d it (as many others interested in modifying their bodies).

Two ‘dumb’ ones to end this post: ‘dumbass tattoos’ and an article about tattooed fish.

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