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tattoo regulations and some more

A demand for more regulations for the industry coming from Belgium (quite understandable now but well, how you can save people from themselves?) and a small wave of articles about the need of industry regulations and risks posed to and by minors in three articles from Singapore: ‘tattooists: regulate industry!’ ‘if parents find out, I’m dead!’ and ‘too scared to remove tattoos.’

Another case of teens and regrettable tattoos but in a more positive and even sensible light from CA where ‘young Hispanics erase tattoos to begin a new life.’

An odd piece of news from TN: ‘tattoo parlor tosses personal info

Tattoos and sport again, not NBA though: playing ball aside, sometimes it’s also a ‘battle of tattoos’ on tennis court.

Something ‘indirectly related’ and recalling a discussion Bastian and I have going at times: body building and body modification.

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