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‘tell us lies …’

The ‘star girl’ strikes once again, this time admitting she lied about her falling asleep while being tattooed (in English, German and Dutch). I hope this Dutch article is yet another joke on the subject – she allegedly got offered a job at a rival shop in her town (strong work ethics and being truthful will come handy, eh?).

News from Australia: ‘piercings stretch the imagination’ about microdermals and ear lobe stretching and another one about attempts to regulate ‘backyard body shops.’

After having read optimistic articles about the industry booming even in the times of the global crisis, time to see the other side of this coin: San Fransisco’s ‘tattoo parlors feeling pinched by rising fees.’

Beauty comes with pain’ is a really interesting one as it recounts a little girl’s experience of getting pierced with a piercing gun – the author of the article doesn’t seem to see anything wrong about it!

Since I like articles from not that often mentioned online countries, here’s an article about tattoos from Bulgaria.

And finally ‘awesome amputee tattoos’ with two interesting links.

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