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tattoos, piercings, ads, fashion and more

According to a Dutch blog, the star tattoo girl is a hoax (in English); before we all start saying ‘I knew it!’ though, let’s try to learn something from it, for example how important it is to think beforehand and then choose a good shop. The article ‘tattoos are permanent, folks – that needle can be ‘dangerus’’ sums it up nicely, not to mention that it deals with the whole tattoo spiel in a nicely humorous way!

A bit of entertainment in two slide shows (Body Art Expo and tattoos in Bundesliga) and an article about a fashion and suspension show. Looks like these days suspensions are not for spiritual reasons but rather to entertain random people eager to taste a morsel of the alternative edge/whatever. Fine with me but it’s a bit sad, too – if things get that common, we won’t able to experience them in a very intense way anymore.

And a tad of history of ‘Piercing Pagoda’ brand no less; interesting to read but also scary as it seems that time stopped right there and piercing guns are still a way to go (which they are not!).

Tattoos and other marks used for soft biometrics in two articles on the subject; quite interesting, I must say.

Tattoos and money in ‘tattoo advertising’ and ‘fashion’s tattoos on clothing’ (pretty nice pictures in this one).

What’s the point of tattoos?’ doesn’t say anything new about tattoos per se but I like how it shows how far the current norms of beauty force us, esp. women, to change our appearance and physicality to fit. When you discard the boring part about tattoos, the rest makes a decent food for thought.

‘What’s the point of tattoos?’ can be easily answered, though, if you’re  a balding man and wanna hide this fact! ‘Hair tattoo for the balding man‘ is a new thing, isn’t it? and how meaningful at that!

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One response to “tattoos, piercings, ads, fashion and more

  1. Steph ⋅

    Ah star girl, seen her on the news…
    The whole situation seems odd to me, really odd. Especially HER version of events! We’ve both been tattooed and yes on occasion I have fallen asleep because I was so relaxed and enjoying my session but they do hurt in some places and I can’t buy the whole “I fell asleep and woke up with a face full of stars” routine.

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