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good choice, no regrets

The case of ’56 stars instead of 3’ deal is still on online; here are two articles related to it: ‘professionals get more tattoos than ever’ from Australia show rules many artists impose on themselves as far as facial/hand tattoos go while ‘stricter tattoo regulations’ from Belgium briefly discuss the changes proposed by the Belgian minister of health after the ‘56/3’ affair.

A small reminder of how important it is to choose a good shop from Canada where one of the local shops showed how *not* to run the business: ‘little tattoo shop of horrors’ (more – note the ‘autoplate’ in this one and reused needles which is totally horrifying!)

Islam and genital mutilation’ discusses female circumcision and actions WHO undertakes.

To change the subject for something more pleasant:

Art exhibitions of various sort in ‘Death Unto Our Enemies,’ ‘The Art of Tattoo at the Portland Art Museum’ and ‘Forget paint canvases, substitute skateboards.’

And a ‘indirectly related’ one from Bastian: Beth Ditto and Gossip – feeling good in one’s body no matter what!

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