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wake up, wake up!

The biggest piece of news is a girl who got her face tattooed not exactly the way she wanted. I got to read about it in English, German, Dutch and Spanish (Bastian drew my attention to it first!)  and there will probably be an internet hiccup about it in days to come. The Belgian and Dutch articles seem to be more detailed than the whole rest (like the one where the artist discusses the whole thing and says that it’s a good ad for his studio after all and that he’ll cover half of the tattoo removal cost!) The whole thing seems a bit fishy but I’m all for ‘live and learn,’ so let’s try to draw some conclusions out of it, kids, shall we?

A good fit for the news above is an American article about ‘tattoo experiences presenting surprises, both good and bad’ – kind of true although when one uses their brain during the whole process, the risks should be minimized!

Not overly detailed but making one think is an article from CA” ‘body art becomes norm, not rebellion’ and it also makes a point about getting tattoos that actually mean something to us – the more the meaning in our mods, the less the regrets, perhaps?

One of the things I totally love about my blog is that running it teaches me new things every day! This time I got introduced to a really interesting website called Sang Bleu thanks to reading an interview with its editor. Seems a really interesting stuff!

Serious subject with a local touch: ‘reactions to Mercer County ban on tattoos and piercings’ and ‘tattoo parlors go unchecked’ about health risks and lax regulations.

Freebies and a twisted online subworld in ‘TV’s tweeting tattoo artist offers free Twitter ink session.’

An interesting idea to end this post: tattoo/graffiti art on leather in the ‘Inkorporated Skin.’

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6 responses to “wake up, wake up!

  1. bastian ⋅

    haha – love the “wake up” title! There’s a real media circus going on with that girl in Belgium and Holland now.

  2. aniareads ⋅

    yeah, these days you don’t need to do much to become ‘famous’ – just fall asleep and acquire like 56 stars on your face in the meantime 😛

  3. eddie

    Hey, great post, very well written. You should blog more about this. I’ll definitely be subscribing.

    hassaidi love prank, steak, exercise, jupiter, and hate cancer.

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