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behind bars and in front of the screen

My fascination with prison tattoos is still on, so here’s a short German article about prison tattoos and efforts of the German police to create a tattoo database (not new an idea but quite useful nonetheless). And since it’s obvious that tattoos and other forms of body modification make our bodies unique and thus easy to identify, one isn’t surprised while reading such articles as ‘severed leg identified by tattoos.’ In a somewhat related vein a Swiss article about Mara Salvatrucha and tragic stories that are pretty often hidden beneath the crimes: ‘Mother, forgive me my crazy life.’

Another interview with Thomas Pendelton of ‘Tattoo Highway’ fame. I’m cynical enough to think that the modern medias love playing on our sentiments, so my feelings about ‘reality TV show helping Las Vegas woman find her birth son’ are pretty mixed.

The industry keeps expanding and that’s not a mindbreaking piece of news; what’s interesting in this one is the place (India) and the people getting genital tattoos and piercings (women).

Another Polish accent on here in a pretty average article about tattoos and jobs and a more interesting article on the same subject from Canada: ‘visible tattoos okay on the job, Quebec judge rules.’ And that’s quite unusual!

I’m attending a tattoo convention this weekend – pictures and a review will be posted on here soon.

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