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There’s a lot of articles about recent or upcoming tattoo conventions but this time let me draw some attention to one such event only: Transilvania Tattoo Expo that’s just taken place in Romania was the first international body art convention in this country.

Local touches since I always enjoy them but they also usually show how tattoo artists can get active in the local community: Tracy, CA, tattoo artist trying to make his shop a kind of cultural centre for the local youth and a Syracuse, NY, shop raising money for cancer research. Fighting stereotypes one event at a time 😉

Speaking of the stereotypes… something for the ‘gem’ category: ‘everyone sporting the pirate wear;’ personally, I didn’t find it offensive; quite the opposite, actually.

Tattoo artists: Louis Molloy called ‘Mozart of tattooing’ in this German one and even though the interview isn’t stellar, Molloy managed to say quite a few interesting things towards the end of it. On the other side, there is an old interview with Friday Jones and another one where she speaks openly about Jolie’s private tattoo. It’s somewhat odd to read about tattoos that were supposed to be ‘secret’ and – celeb or not – I don’t think it’s proper to let everyone know what someone decided to get done, ‘down there’ or anywhere else. A breach of work ethics?

I do admit it’s not overly interesting or unusual but since there’s almost no Polish accents on my blog, I’ll take a liberty to post it: a Polish NBA player ‘gets ink for his ink.’

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