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Nice variety today:

Gender touch in ‘thinking ink’ about an aspiring female tattoo artist; the author of the article notes that ‘Kat Von D is a pioneer in changing the industry’ but let’s not forget about her predecessors: Calamity Jane, Vyvyn Lazonga, Ruth Marten, Jammie Summers, Jacci Gresham or Kari Barba. Without these (and other) women working hard in the 70’, 80’s and later, the industry would have looked different and maybe we would have to wait way longer for a female tattoo artist basking in the TV fame now. Two other articles with a female touch are an interview with a Spanish female artist and an interestingly written article showing the artist and the tattooee in the process of tattooing.

The Australian ‘tattoos have moved into the cosmetic realm’ discusses not only cosmetic tattoos but also modern body image and how unrealistic about it we’ve been growing (although we’ve been also made to do so!)

Medical tattoos were already mentioned in one of the earlier posts but here’s another interesting article pointing out that this kind of tattoos is very new to medicine and certainly worth the medics’ attention.

And now for something less serious: ’11 ways to tattoo your kid…’ and a truly blank canvas in ‘the canvas of slip-on Vans’ (not new an idea, though?).

I don’t enjoy reading about celebs and their tattoos but this one is pretty cool and reminiscent of Shelley Jackson’s Skin Project: ‘Bar Rafaeli and a new story by S. King.

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