interesting questions …

Let’s first juxtapose modern tattoos shops studios: very upscale Club Tattoo in Las Vegas and a small, just opened place in Austria; both do the same job, both strive to deliver the highest quality possible and yet they send quite different a message, don’t they?

Technical aspects in ‘new line of premium tattoo needles’ and a really interesting one about ‘small devices playing ever-bigger role in medicine’ (tongue magnet(ic implant?) mentioned here).

Something for my anthropology section: ‘seven sacred ceremonies’ that, a.o., describe briefly the Sun Dance.

Two pretty interesting questions raised in ‘is tattooing a child worse than piercing ears, circumcision?’ (make sure to check the comments posted by readers!) and ‘should tattooing animals be considered cruelty?’ (another one on the subject).

And let’s end with a request from a German online newspaper: if you have tattoos and some cool stories behind them, consider sharing them with the newspaper and its readers 😉