(too) colorful

The Nuggets NBA team made the news recently and looks like the topic of NBA and tattoos is still overly popular: ‘tattoos have made NBA almost unwatchable’ and ‘neck tattoos in NBA.’

A nice slideshow from the Tattoo and Body Art Expo in Houston, TX and a review of the Expo Tatuaje in Mexico Monterrey; also, an article in Spanish featuring a Mexican tattoo artist Jorge Castro.

Body art on TV: ‘he’s inky and he’s going to be a TV-star again’ (interesting how the title is totally different than the contents; makes the whole thing less convincing IMHO) and a review of the ‘Global Ink,’ a documentary by Lars Krutak.

Another touch of small town tattoo/body piercing shops in ‘leaving his mark’ from Canada.

Tattoos and soldiers in ‘tattooed under fire’ (or the stories of US soldiers in Iraq) and something entirely different in ‘tattoo for troops’ as a way to raise some funds for a good cause.

A touch of body piercing in an article from Australia about microdermals.

And finally something nicely exotic: ‘tattoo show to be staged’ in Mongolia; there are countries that never make the global news, so it’s always interesting to come across something shedding some dim light on them.