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the ways we use skin

Growing popularity of tattoos (nothing new by now), people and their tattoos in articles from MS: ‘tattoos as diverse as the tattooed’ and ‘rethink ink.’  ‘Indelible imprints’ are from India and briefly discuss the fact that now also middle-aged and older people are eager to get a tattoo done.

Celeb-‘stained’ touched tattoos in ‘Tusconan gets inked for appearance on ‘Tattoo Highway’ and some samples of the ‘Ruthless and Toothless’ clothing line.

The ‘Skin and Bones’ exhibit was already mentioned on here; ‘ink at sea’ presents some shots from the exhibit – nicely old-school photos.

A nice read-up on ‘ink slinger Jimmy Vegas’ and tattoo industry in OK (tattoos became legal there only in 2006).

Something for ‘indirectly related’: ‘Body art. Literally’ where you can read about an artist using human skin to work on in not that usual way.

A quick switch of the  subjects, I know: another example of ‘piercing’ humor – an example of ‘single point piercing’;)

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