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bars, tracks and permits

Nice coincidence: just when I got in the mail a book about prison tattoos, there appeared some articles on the subject, too: ‘Illinois inmates and jail tattoos’ and an exhibit on ‘iconography of the streets and jail.’

Sports tattoos are also enjoying some attention: ‘professional athletes with tattoos,’ Nuggets team and their tattoos and ‘Iowa athletes think ink.’

A short follow-up on ‘Free Tattoo Day’ in Omaha, NE and an article about community-oriented tattoo parlor in NM – not so scary and unapproachable as one could think?

Two articles more about the Prestons and their fight to open a tattoo parlor in Tempe, AZ(two lines above and you can see that people from the local tattoo parlors can actually be a good asset to a community).

The pierced people’ is a general piece about modern body piercing but mentions two quite reputable shops from OH – Piercology and Evolved.

Something non-English to end this post: a few lines about this year’s Asturia Tattoo Convention.

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5 responses to “bars, tracks and permits

  1. Steph

    It irritates the hell outta me when people claim that HIV is a high risk associated with tattoos.

    The virus DIES once it becomes airborne, people should educate themselves before flapping their jaws about incorrect information~!

  2. aniareads ⋅

    haha you demand an impossible thing!

  3. bastian ⋅

    oops, seems like Alix Lambert has indeed sparked your interest!

  4. aniareads ⋅

    oops, you did it, eh? 😉

    I’m on chapter 6 now and the book is really great; I’ll torment you with a review soon!

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