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The sad news I received yesterday from Håvve Fjell:

“Dear All –

Friday night, a fire occurred in Matt (director of our L.A. chapter)
Brawley’s building, and destroyed everything that he owns. He was not
home when the fire started, and was thankfully not hurt. However, this
fire means huge losses for him personally (he is self-employed, and
works out of his home), as well as for CoRE’s L.A. chapter, as
everything was in Matt’s home. (All of their flight cases,
one-of-a-kind costumes, fully-stocked piercing department, all of our
cheek spears, merchandise, their cash box (with cash), gurneys and
massage tables, set pieces, full rigging department, etc.)

If you are in a position to donate funds towards the rebuilding of
these losses, we will gratefully accept your help. At this point,
anything helps. We’ve created a donation page via paypal, so if you
follow the link below and donate, we can get the money to Matt as
quickly as possible.

Here’s the link for donations:

And here’s a short piece on the fire:

Thank you all very much!

Steve Joyner and Patricia Cram
Constructs of Ritual Evolution (CoRE)

Houston, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Oakland/San Francisco, CA”

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