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sometimes too young but never too old

Modern body modification is usually associated with the younger crowd and the most common question asked seems to be ‘what about the time you’re 80 and your tattoos not so cool anymore?’ (myself was never asked this question, though). The truth, however, is that more and more older people get tattoos and piercings – Isobel Varley is an extreme here but it’s not so uncommon these days to come across read about people in their 70’s or 80’s who decide to get their first one – here’s a nice sample of such stories (as a reaction to an article criticizing tattoos at that!); and here’s a link to an older entry of mine linking to another article about the elderly and their tattoo experiences).

One must be careful with their choice, though, so here’s ‘five tat commandments’ for those in need.

Personally I don’t buy the overly touching stories behind tattoos in ‘ink reality shows’ but the people involved seem to be convinced they’re making a ‘real’ thing – ‘former ‘Inked’ artist hits the ‘Tattoo Highway.’

Bastian drew my attention to a nice (new?) site called lifemodified – you can read there an interview with an *in*famous red-eyed guy (I posted a link to another interview with the guy here but, sadly, the link doesn’t work anymore).

In other news, ‘Free Tattoo Day‘ in Omaha, NE and a nice article about trademark tattoos from Australia.

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3 responses to “sometimes too young but never too old

  1. Steph

    Isobel is awesome! I’ll never forget the time I was at Tim’s shop and this 85 year old woman came in for her first tattoo 🙂

    I hate people who use the term “tat’s” drives me INSANE but I do want that tattoo book because I think it would be pretty awesome to read/browse.

    Looks like life modified is a modblog spin-off… Guess there’s a few people not satisfied with that anymore ha ha!

  2. aniareads ⋅

    I think the ‘lifemodified’ site has a lot of potential; hope the guy’ll keep it up; I also think that one of the most important lessons Shannon ever gave us is that we can create our own outlets of emotions and thoughts on the subject.

    if you don’t like such words as ‘tat’, ‘to get tatted’ and the like, you should be grateful that you don’t know Polish – it has a horrible slang vocab when it comes to describing tattoos!

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