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always proud, not always showing it off

The speed of internet is nicely amazing! The American version of the article about breaking a piercing record (‘freaking’ 1,197 needles in – impressive or just bizarre?) was soon followed by its Dutch versions.

More about body piercing (always less coverage than tattoos) from PA: ‘piercing thoughts’ playing with the ‘you never know who got what done’ idea.

People and their tattoos: another short article about Goeff Ostling (with a better shot of his tattoo body suit) and an interesting article about the guy who’s not only a tattoo artist but also a fireman.

Something more serious in ‘tattoo artists question proposed Minnesota regulations’ and a pretty interesting article about obviously booming body modification industry ‘even in recession.’

Finally, a tattooed candidate for Darwin’s Award??? ‘proud of your tattoos – even during a bank robbery.’

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2 responses to “always proud, not always showing it off

  1. Steph

    Dear God, I was appalled by the first one for 1 simple reason: He said his ears were gouged. By what? A wild animal? 😉 I mean seriously if your going to write an article of any sort about modification, use the correct terminology!

    Piercing thoughts was insightful and I hope everyone reads that!
    I have to say I enjoyed this post as a whole overall because (well they’re always good) but I liked reading all of them and boy did I laugh when I read that last one! Darwin award indeed! Kudos to whomever wrote that article because it was hilarious!

  2. aniareads ⋅

    I think it was more of the journalist’s fault than the guy’s himself; and it’s a shame that the journalist didn’t bother to proofread and fix spelling in his text 😛 as you know (and hate haha!), ears can actually be ‘gauged’ but ‘gouged ears’ certainly are sth new.

    obviously, piercings and ‘tats’ are so edgy and cool that everyone feels they can write about’em 😉

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