always proud, not always showing it off

The speed of internet is nicely amazing! The American version of the article about breaking a piercing record (‘freaking’ 1,197 needles in – impressive or just bizarre?) was soon followed by its Dutch versions.

More about body piercing (always less coverage than tattoos) from PA: ‘piercing thoughts’ playing with the ‘you never know who got what done’ idea.

People and their tattoos: another short article about Goeff Ostling (with a better shot of his tattoo body suit) and an interesting article about the guy who’s not only a tattoo artist but also a fireman.

Something more serious in ‘tattoo artists question proposed Minnesota regulations’ and a pretty interesting article about obviously booming body modification industry ‘even in recession.’

Finally, a tattooed candidate for Darwin’s Award??? ‘proud of your tattoos – even during a bank robbery.’