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jail charm

A little more about prison tattoos in an article about the Lincoln County Detention Center in NV; and a different take on criminal tattoos in a movie review of the ‘Nameless’ about Mara Salvatrucha.

Interesting news from the UK where one Richard Branson doesn’t know where to stop: ‘dress antics angers rail workers‘ – playing on old stereotypes is so out! Also from the UK an article on a totally different subject: ‘woman take tattoos of her 20 pets ‘to the grave

Art fusion is a solid feature of all tattoo conventions these days; here’s a piece of news about a local tattoo festival in VA with a focus on art fusion.

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2 responses to “jail charm

  1. Steph

    I agree, stereotypes are beyond passe! Yet people still continually play up to them sadly!
    Also did you happen to notice that the story about the woman who’s getting her pets tattooed on her was filed under weird? What’s so strange about that? Then again to us being the tattoo addicts we are this is anything but!

  2. aniareads ⋅

    No, I didn’t but am not surprised – once I saw a tattoo convention report from a small southern country categorized like that.

    A vast majority of these articles is written by people who are either un- or just slightly modified, so going a step or two further than a small tattoo is already considered weird/unusual; even if most articles start along the ‘it’s not uncommon these days…’ or ‘long gone are the days when tattoos …’ lines, for many people out there, authors included, it still is something quite uncommon.

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