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expanding a little

Let’s start today’s post with the news about several tattoo conventions taking place (or going to happen) around: mini tattoo fest in IL, Fresno Expo in CA (the title ‘Lifestyle on display’ made me laugh because my lifestyle choices are pretty much always under the cover!) and a funny piece from Sweden, ‘a tattoo too far.

Art for cash: an artist’s guide to selling work’ is an interesting comparison of three different shops, one of them a tattoo parlor that shows what’s important to make people want to keep coming back.

Rock-star tattoo artist advice: find the best person to ink you’ says it all.

News from AZ is optimistic economy-wise: ‘Flagstaff tattoo industry proves to be immune to recession;’ maybe it’s caused by these crazy enthusiasts who are always ready to shell out some money for their ink dreams? Speaking of which, various shades of ink in ‘collecting ink for wearing, reading and writing.’

An interesting article about a very passionate man from Australia: ‘Tattooed Goeff Ostling donating his body to art’ – his body suit design is very interesting and his donation to art is going to be very special, his own skin!

Two interesting articles from Germany: ‘deep belief in spiritual powers’ about the modern Maori (Moko mentioned in here) and ‘resocializing a special art’ about tattoo removal in German prison (thanks to ‘Mark of Cain’ movie I became really interested in prison tattoos!)

On a side note, since Bastian liked my previous ‘not directly related’ post, I’ve just created a new category, ‘somewhat related,’ for articles that discuss subjects related to bodies and art but are not directly related to body modification. Today two new additions to the section: an interview with Derek Mears where he mentions an interesting encounter with a devoted fan who got a scalp tattoo of Jason Vorhees and an article about models, ‘the model as muse’ – we all know what myths and semi-truths surround the fashion industry and how fashion designers and top models have been changing the way we look at the female body.

And on a final for today note, a Polish version of my review of ‘The Piercing Bible’ was posted today on here!

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