b/c Nature likes balance

A quick and short one today because I’ve been very busy lately (a long weekend ahead, so I’ll catch up):

A spelling mistake in Rihanna’s tattoo caused quite an uproar: her artist downplays the error while the Sanskrit scholars have a piece of advice to tattoo artists (and let’s not forget about the prospective tattooees who should do some research before they venture for something permanent).

Ed Hardy clothing line was already mentioned here; here’s an interesting article that discusess not only the newest addition to the ‘brand’ but also offers some criticism on the subject: ‘Ed Hardy wines.

A short article about the opening of the ‘skin&bones’ exhibit in Philadelphia.

Tattoos in Munich’ feature a local German tattoo artist and offer a nice selection of images of tattoos.

Speaking of tattoo artists and their shops, here’s the news from MO where Rigg of the Rob Zombie *in*fame is opening his tattoo parlor (with pics of the interior).

Finally a tattoo artist (quite a famous one at that) as a preacher: ‘tattoo artist spreads self-help gospel.