common denominator

still a little behind but slowly catching up and reading cool articles. Today’s selection includes:

Two interesting exhibits: ‘Just for Kicks’ in Canada (what happens when you give some sneakers/ shoes to a couple of tattoo artists?) and ‘Skin & Bones: tattoo in the life of the American sailor’ in CA. I wish I could visit both events!

Law-related news from WA where the ‘Wash. Legislature OKs body art measure.

An interesting, although pretty typical, article in German about Germans, their tattoos and jobs: ‘marked for life.’

On a brighter note (and related to German, too): ‘the tattooed have more sex partners’ (Mark Benecke, who’s quite heavily tattooed himself, is mentioned in this one).

It’s not strange these days to see university classes on body modification; at the Alfred University you can also attend a workshop focused on tattooing. Hopefully it won’t result with an outbreak of DIY job in this area.