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not always what it seems

Westcoast Tattoo Culture Show takes place this weekend, so here are a few articles on the subject. In a similar vein, news about tattoo conventions from Argentina and Australia (looks like the first-ever such event in Sydney was a success).

Eyeball tattoos strike again; the title says it all: ‘bizarre eye tattoo proves to be an eyesore.

Tattoos versus piercings’ doesn’t say anything new and conveys a pretty typical point of view on this matter. Elayne Angel in her “Piercing Bible’ presents a much better and very different point of view and I think she’s quite right here (to quote her: ‘tattoos are comparatively straightforward; healing is rapid, and there are seldom complications. The same is not true of body piercings. Piercings require special attention during a prolonged period of healing plus regular maintenance once they are healed.’)

In the risks department: ‘could earrings like Kate Moss’ make you a real fashion victim?’; it’s well illustrated and described step by step; delivers the point quite well.

Finally, a cool and touching story about the tragic past and much better present: ‘tattoos from Auschwitz horror bring late-life joy.’

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