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dripping with glamour

After the last post, focused on not so glamorous and yet so fascinating tattoo underworld, let’s move mainstream again:

Ink-TV revisited in the articles about Corey Miller, Kat Von D (interview in Dutch – I found it nicely different although, let’s be honest, a vast part of Kat Von D’s interviews is pretty much the same) and ‘ten of the most talented celebrity tattoo artists’ (mixed feelings about this one, really, and funnily enough the title is quite telling!).

In an interesting contrast to the ‘tattoo celebs’ here’s an article about tattoos in Nagaland where a local tattoo artist tries to revive the traditional body art and combine it with modern influences, too.

News from South Korea: ‘ubiquitous ink spreads into the KBL.Focused on athletes.

‘Infinitink’ going mainstream, too – here’s an article about a PA shop testing it at the moment.

Dermatographia and making skin a real, although temporary, canvas in an article about ‘Human Etch Sketch’ and, in a kind of similar vein, ‘inner message ring’ about a new jewelry invention that actually tattoos its wearer.

To end this post, a small overview of this year’s Bloodapalooza in this photo gallery.

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