no rest for the tattooed

Despite it being an Easter weekend, there are quite a few new articles on the subject to link to:

With the first-ever tattoo convention going on in OR, here’s two articles about it: ‘tattoo buffs turn out’ discuss strict regulations according to which out-of-state tattoo artists can’t tattoo in OR; ‘no ink? No problem…’ is a short and quite interesting review of the event.

Times sure change and we get to hear and read about it pretty much all the time; here’s another on the subject: ‘veteran tattoo artist marvels at ubiquity of body art.

Two articles about the industry regulations: ‘no rule to be inked on tattoos’ about the lack of clear regulations and, on the other side of the spectrum, ‘regulate tattoo industry? Some artists agree on the point.

News about the exhibit of Scott Campbell’s art work was posted in the last post; another article about it with a few sentiments I actually agree with.

More info on ‘Neuma Hybrid tattoo machine.

Risks of oral piercings’ strike yet again (which should remind us that an experienced and skilled piercer is a way to go).

Sad news from TX: ‘tattoo parlor owner shot and killed while protecting customers’ (more on ‘The Police News’).

A tattooed politician probably wouldn’t have too high of a chance to win elections but seems like it’s an entirely different thing to use temporary tattoos while running for an office: this article says about ‘tattoos being the new buttons.’