art, shows and fitness

The ‘more conventional’ art inclinations of tattoo artists in articles about ‘Viva Siempre’ exhibit in CA and ‘Make It Rain’ in Miami, FL (art by Scott Campbell); another one using tattoos in the art context is ‘tattoos surface as art of the people.

A few articles about tattoo shops: ‘two millimeters under skin’ is in German, ‘hybrid tattoo shop straying from norm’ from OH (an interesting idea indeed; makes me wonder how long it can last) and ‘Club Tattoo’ from NV.

Yoga and tattoos? Not mutually exclusive as you can read in ‘ChakraVibe yoga tattoo contest.

Otzi appears again in an article briefly discussing his tattoos and mysteries and questions around them (in German).

Neuma Hybrid tattoo machine’ describes a new type of a tattoo machine.

Dress code at schools hasn’t resurfaced for some time now; here’s something interesting in this department: ‘charter school student loses battle over piercings’ and a comment about it by a local college professor: ‘dress codes are meant to crush students’ creativity.

With the spring at full swing by now and the summer approaching fast, I guess we can expect more and more tattoo shows; here’s a small selection of these in the nearest future: ‘Tucson Tattoo Expo,’ ‘West Coast Tattoo Culture Show and Oregon first-ever tattoo show.

I’m having my own fun now as I’ve just added some colors to my right sleeve and pierced/stretched my ears.