Friday mix

Some good miscellaneous ones for today:

Law-related news from FL: ‘stiffer penalties proposed for tattooing minors’ (another one) while in the UK ‘tattooed arm of law is OK now’ (dress code for Manchester policemen).

when tattoo parlors meet the internet’ shows both the good and the bad about interaction between tattoo shops and the web. And speaking of modern technology, ‘Inked Magazine signs license agreement for iPhone application.

Mods and music: ‘new book to document Black Flag tattoos’ and ‘the best and worst piercings in rock’ (photo gallery).

Maybe it’s just an April’s Fool joke as it doesn’t sound very credible: ‘having tattoos is a sign of low self-esteem.

A feminine touch with ‘women tattoo artists showing up the men’ and ‘cheerleaders’ tattoo taboo.