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religion, recession, remembering

Sometimes, when there’s nothing really interesting on the subject to read, I begin to feel uneasy; not the case tonight as the almighty Google brought me some cool links:

The question of Jews and tattoos was already mentioned and linked to on here but since it’s interesting enough, here’s another, new article on the subject: ‘tattooed Jews;

Recession and the industry in ‘tattoo parlor survives recession nicely’ and ‘Onslow tattoo artists still in the black;

A memorial tattoo with a strong message and an interesting persona behind: ‘Edith Macefield’s army of tattoos;’ on the other side of the spectrum are not always significant and wise decisions: ‘Chinese tattoos popular with Western celebrities;

Tattoo of Paradigm’ adds to my collection of related articles in Dutch.

Finally something that mentions tattoos only briefly but touches such questions as gender, gender identity, body art, technology and body hacking: ‘my gender is bunny’ is interesting enough to take a look.

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