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reading away

I’m going to start with a great submission from Bastian: interview with Havve Fjell (side show performer, modern fakir, WoD organizer).

Another interesting one is ‘the Gitmo guard who found islam’ – I do admit it shouldn’t be here as, other than a brief mention of ear stretching and sleeves, the article isn’t related to body mods whatsoever but I found it very interesting anyway!

Let’s throw in some other random stuff: ‘say no to guns’ (not pro-like but at least describes to some degree why we should say ‘no’), ‘tattoo icon Hardy shows serious side’ (and it’s not merchandise-related, so it’s even better!), tattoos on mothers and – since it’s this time of the year or so – ‘spring breakers and tattoos.

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4 responses to “reading away

  1. Bastian

    I wouldn’t call me recommending you check something out a “submission” – sounds too formal.
    And I plead for more “unrelated” articles! I liked the Holdbrooks article, and hope you include more of these in the future….

  2. aniareads ⋅

    and here I thought I have at least one ‘submitter’ 😉 I’ll do as you wish, though.

    I liked this Gitmo one, too and yeah, if anything is interesting enough and can be ‘smuggled’ over on here, I’ll def. do so.

  3. bastian ⋅

    OK, so ‘submissions’ it is 🙂

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