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tattoos on the road, clothing and stickers

Tattoos and TV shows: the *in*famous Jackass is asking his fans to help him redesign his body art; also, news about a new upcoming reality show focused on tattoos: ‘Moving pictures: ‘tattoo Highway’ artist hits the road.

A few pieces of news about tattoo conventions: a mediocre/succinct one about Body Art Expo at Cow Palace and another one about a different tattoo convention in German; in a similar vein, an article about ‘the oldest tattoo artist;

Speaking of tattoo artists, esp. these famous ones, Ed Hardy clothing line added new items: ‘Ed Hardy’s underwear;’ there’s also an article about ‘Madonna teaming up with Ed Hardy;

News from South Korea: ‘North Koreans remove tattoos’ to avoid discrimination.

Russian criminal tattoos – bodies as text’ exhibit can be seen in London.

Finally more information about the project combining tattoos and diabetes and another example of mainstream use of tattoos is ‘for safety.

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