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Tattoo convention reviews are usually pretty much the same; this one, describing Tampa Bay TattooFest, seems more interesting than others, though. In a similar vein, the very first tattoo convention in IN took place in Fort Wayne.

When your teen gets a tattoo’ discusses a new book on the subject, ‘Adoloscent Reputations and Risks.’

An article about literary tattoos with an interesting link to a blog devoted to such tattoos.

Paul Booth, embellished with a ‘king of creepy’ name,’ on Forbes.

Two humorous pictures to practice our sense of humor: ‘piercing humor’ and ‘kung-fu’ featuring Paully Unstoppable.

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Sometimes, when there’s nothing really interesting on the subject to read, I begin to feel uneasy; not the case tonight as the almighty Google brought me some cool links:

The question of Jews and tattoos was already mentioned and linked to on here but since it’s interesting enough, here’s another, new article on the subject: ‘tattooed Jews;

Recession and the industry in ‘tattoo parlor survives recession nicely’ and ‘Onslow tattoo artists still in the black;

A memorial tattoo with a strong message and an interesting persona behind: ‘Edith Macefield’s army of tattoos;’ on the other side of the spectrum are not always significant and wise decisions: ‘Chinese tattoos popular with Western celebrities;

Tattoo of Paradigm’ adds to my collection of related articles in Dutch.

Finally something that mentions tattoos only briefly but touches such questions as gender, gender identity, body art, technology and body hacking: ‘my gender is bunny’ is interesting enough to take a look.

tattoos, tattoos

A brief overview of the Frankfurt Tattoo Convention from the last weekend and another one about a convention in Australia.

Law-related: ‘proposed rules worry Motorhead tattoo artists’ from NC and a brief mention of the industry regulations (or rather lack of thereof) in New Zealand in ‘helping clients to make their mark;

The German article ‘tattoos in film’ focuses mainly on ‘Crank 2 – High Voltage’ but, of course, uses it as an excuse to venture into more general a description of the ‘phenomenon.’

I’m not into posting gossipy links here but this one poses at least two important and worth considering questions, so here you go: ‘Von Teese grateful to tattoo artist for rejecting face design.

reading away

I’m going to start with a great submission from Bastian: interview with Havve Fjell (side show performer, modern fakir, WoD organizer).

Another interesting one is ‘the Gitmo guard who found islam’ – I do admit it shouldn’t be here as, other than a brief mention of ear stretching and sleeves, the article isn’t related to body mods whatsoever but I found it very interesting anyway!

Let’s throw in some other random stuff: ‘say no to guns’ (not pro-like but at least describes to some degree why we should say ‘no’), ‘tattoo icon Hardy shows serious side’ (and it’s not merchandise-related, so it’s even better!), tattoos on mothers and – since it’s this time of the year or so – ‘spring breakers and tattoos.

German-English combo

As the title suggests today some news both in German and English:

Tattoo convention in Frankfurt, Germany starts today.

Another German article is about adorning school supplies with Ed Hardy tattoo designs; another one in a similar vein is from the US where the Miami Ink tattoo artists are going to offer baby apparel with their own tattoo designs on.

Previously mentioned anthropology student writing a book on ‘ancient art of tattooing’ landed a job on TV: ‘ASU’s own ‘Tattoo Huner’ delves into the ancient art on cable TV.

just a few new ones

‘Celebrity’ tattoo artist and the fact he’s HIV-positive would be the biggest ‘scoop’ for today;

Another tattoo artist is not a ‘celebrity’ and has just realized that ‘selling his head space’ might not work out that well after all.

Law-related: in Germany ‘permanent bio-tattoo is considered bodily injury.

News about the Infinitink, supposedly removable ink; a documentary about it will be featured on PBS.

is banning the right ‘treatment’?

After OK now also UT seems to be considering banning eyeball tattooing: ‘UT ophthamologists working to ban eyeball tattooing;’ makes one wonder if banning the procedure really can solve the ‘problem’.

In a risks/health category a general ‘article’ about ‘treatment for keloids;

An interesting article submitted by Bastian: ‘Finger protheses’ (since it’s in German, here are two links in English);

Miscellaneous: ‘tattoo parlors on Long Island,’ ‘Facebook user furious at photo piracy,’ (he’s modified, of course; otherwise he wouldn’t be mentioned on here), ‘attendance at Tattoo Expo up despite poor economy.

“canvas” is a no-no word on here!

There appeared a few derogatory ‘editorials’ about body art during last few days but I decided against linking to them – such “gems” are usually highly repetitive and never contain anything new.

In other, more interesting news:

A focus on teenagers in the German article “my first time: Dominic’ piercing experience (courtesy of both Bastian and google alert) and American “tattooed teens” and “teen fashion decision can prove costly and painful” (about ear stretching).

The title “tattoo removal: political pork or second chance” speaks for itself.

Sounds kind of weird but thought it might be good linking to it: “man died after leg tattoo.

An interesting one is “tattoos in Islam” – what is Islam’s stand on tattoos and the reasons for it; brief but interesting.

Addicted to ink” touches my personal peeves as firstly, I do not believe that tattoos or other body mods are more addictive than anything else (and since you can get mentally addicted pretty much to everything, assuming that tattoos are more addictive than most other things doesn’t make sense! Not to mention that I’m all for practicing self-control) and secondly, I do hate when people use this cliché “canvas” word whenever they feel like discussing body modifications; I refuse to be “canvas”, period 😉