career fairs and fun at home

One law-related piece of news from MD (‘House approves bill requiring parental consent for tattoos’) aside, today’s post is quite light in tone/selection:

Big news is that now Elaine Davidson has 6005 piercings (more here, also in Dutch);

More about Mara and an exhibition of their photos (seems like Mara and Wim Delvoye frequently appear in my posts!).

You know times change when a tattoo artist gets invited to a high school career fair: ‘kids get ink-spiration from a tattoo artist;’ quite similar and with some insight into the shop life is ‘living canvass: an inside look at the art of tattooing;

New York adorned: where to get inked in this town’ – self-explanatory, I guess.

For those with lots of regrets and not much money: ‘at home tattoo removal;’ I’d do lots of research beforehand, though.

Since I like news from the exotic locations, here’s an article about ‘Taiwan’s tattoo artists winning gold at Milan Convention.

Finally something that was supposed to be gross: ‘extreme body piercings make for one gross ‘bluetooth’ headset;’ maybe I’m weird but it didn’t gross me out.