law, small towns and gossip

A slow weekend but there are a few interesting ones today again:

Let’s start with law: I’ve already linked on here to articles about proposed changes in tattoo regulations in IA; here’s more about it: ‘proposed tattoo regulations raise ire.’ Another interesting one is from OK, where ‘lawmakers want to ban eyeball tattoos;’ the language the said ‘lawmakers’ use to explain their reasons is very interesting.

Tattoo parlors and mixed reactions of the local communities in ‘tattoo shop raising eyebrows in Abacoa’ and ‘tattoo parlor could be an asset.

street kids shown a better direction’ from New Zealand – sometimes a dream of becoming a tattoo artist is not as bad as it might seem to some people out there.

Another one from IA shows tattoos in a more artsy way: ‘photographing tattoos’ shows tattoos on the local tattoo artists.

Finally something I’ve read with mixed feelings – at first I got glad to be able to post here something with a Polish accent in it only to cringe at how trashy this short article is: ‘Celt Boruc gets tattoo;’ obviously, sometimes even a subject of the article cannot save it from the gutter!